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Honda Brake Service Delaney Honda Indiana PA


Often one of the first elements to cause problems in a braking system is the brake pads. If you hear a high-pitched metallic screech, you may need brake pad replacement. That sound is the signature of metallic grinding into your brake rotors, which over time can cause damage to your braking system and cause even more costly repairs down the line. Other hallmarks of brakes problems include feeling your vehicle "pulling" to one side while driving and a new "softness" when you depress the brake pedal. If you're experiencing these or any other issues you feel are attributable to your brakes, don't hesitate to come in and speak with our team of OEM factory trained Honda brakes experts in Indiana, PA.

Check Your Brakes at Delaney Honda in Indiana, PA

Even if you only drive your car a few thousand miles per year in an urban environment, you may wear out the brakes faster than someone who mostly drives on rural highways. This is why there is no hard and fast pre-set schedule to know when to replace your brakes and also why it is essential to trust the inspection of your tires to professional technicians that can see and hear problems you may be unable to recognize yourself. One of our technicians will perform a thorough inspection of our brakes system, including brake pads, to determine whether replacements are necessary.

Braking systems in most vehicles need to be inspected at least once a year, and preferably more frequently. Although the frequency of this check is up to the discretion of the vehicle's owner, it is usually recommended that brakes be checked around every six months. The team of Honda brakes experts at Delaney Honda are standing by to help!

Honda Brake Service Delaney Honda Indiana PA


Winter is an especially important time of year when it comes to vehicle service and maintenance. This is doubly true for brakes and tires. Driving conditions are often at their most extreme during the winter, between freezing rain, snow, sleet, and black ice that can add hazards to your drive. During these conditions it's essential to feel confident in your vehicles braking system. Letting this element of maintenance go by could make your vehicle a danger to both yourself and other drivers. Vehicles frequently need to stop quickly and on icy or hazardous roads, and you need to know that your vehicle will stop promptly when you need it to do so.