Nestled along the Allegheny River, Kittanning, PA, is a charming borough rich in history and natural beauty. Known for its picturesque landscapes and welcoming community, Kittanning offers a delightful blend of small-town charm and modern amenities. With its historic architecture, scenic river views, and vibrant local culture, Kittanning is a perfect destination for visitors seeking a peaceful retreat. Explore the quaint downtown area, enjoy outdoor recreational activities, and experience the warm hospitality that makes Kittanning a unique gem in Armstrong County.

History of Kittanning
Kittanning's history dates back to the mid-18th century when it was originally inhabited by the Lenape Native Americans. The name "Kittanning" is derived from a Delaware Indian word meaning "on the main river." In 1756, the site became notable during the French and Indian War when it was attacked by British forces led by Colonel John Armstrong. This pivotal battle, known as the Battle of Kittanning, significantly impacted the region's development. Post-war, the area saw an influx of European settlers, transforming it into a thriving community. By the 19th century, Kittanning had established itself as a key player in the lumber and coal industries, contributing to Pennsylvania's economic growth. Today, Kittanning preserves its rich heritage through well-maintained historical sites and annual events celebrating its storied past.

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Food and Entertainment in Kittanning
Kittanning offers a diverse array of food and entertainment options that cater to all tastes. If you're in the mood for Italian, Luigi’s Ristorante offers a delectable menu featuring homemade pasta and authentic Italian dishes. For a more casual setting, try the Allegheny Mariner, a riverside eatery with stunning views and a varied menu of seafood and grilled favorites.

When it comes to entertainment, Kittanning doesn't disappoint. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore the Armstrong Trail, perfect for hiking and biking along the scenic Allegheny River. Additionally, the annual Fort Armstrong Folk Festival is a must-visit event, featuring live music, crafts, and local food vendors, celebrating the vibrant culture and history of the region.

Fun Facts About Kittanning
Hollywood Fame: The 2009 movie "My Bloody Valentine 3D" was filmed in and around Kittanning, showcasing the town's picturesque locations.

Colonial History: Kittanning was the site of a significant battle during the French and Indian War, shaping the area's early history.

Cultural Events: The annual Fort Armstrong Folk Festival attracts thousands of visitors each year, celebrating local heritage and culture with music, crafts, and food.

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